Our Team

We are a team of experts who believe in the future of cryptocurrencies. Our team consists of investors, smart contract analysts, blockchain and crypto market financial experts, and software engineers. We all come together for one thing: Make smarter, safer, and more profitable investments accessible to everyone.

Board of Directors
Mikail Emre CALISKAN

Mikail is a blockchain entrepreneur who created multiple solutions and technologies in the crypto industry. As CEO and Founder of Bixos, Mikail is bringing blockchain-enabled technologies and financial services to the world. He started out in his career as a mathematical engineer but was also studying the underlying computer science fields that gave birth to blockchain technology. These fields are Cryptography, Disturbed Computing, and Mechanism Design, all of which lay the foundations for his future endeavors.

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  • can_kazancioglu

    Can manages the strategic and operational initiatives of Bixos at the parent level as well as subsidiary level. He has a very strong interest in software and blockchain solutions that improve bottom-line results. And he has been deeply involved in the cryptocurrency space for more than 6 years. With over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing he has built a solid network of connections and a close pulse on the ecosystem. He understands how to lead campaigns that speak to both deep insiders as well as newcomers entering the space.

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  • umurcan_gorur
    Umurcan GORUR

    Umur brings more than two decades of engineering and development experience to his role overseeing the technology and infrastructure at Bixos. He has extensive experience with process optimization and automation. He has managed projects and has worked with the largest engineering companies and governmental sectors in Turkey. He was one of the first bitcoin owners in Turkey and has been actively learning about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Umur is currently responsible for the technical aspects of dashboard building, running instructions, and API management.

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  • Creative Team
    Ahmet Yazbahar
    Backend Developer

    Ahmet is a skillful, self taught developer. Using various tools and programming languages, he continues to contribute to the team by working with strong motivation.

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  • atilla_gunes
    Atilla Gunes
    Graphic Designer

    Atilla is a well-experienced, professional graphic designer. He keeps creating wonders for our projects.

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  • aydin_acar
    Aydin Acar
    Frontend Developer

    Aydın is a full stack developer since 2017. He likes to improve himself and learning new technologies. He is interested in artificial intelligence and game development.

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  • bekir_samet_sirinel
    Bekir Samet Sirinel
    Backend Developer

    After his graduation from software engineering, Samet became an experienced developer that worked on different projects. He is capable of many programming languages and is the team lead of Bixos.

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  • berkant_yildirim
    Berkant Yildirim
    Blockchain Developer

    Berkant is another ex-intern who chose to continue his career in Bixos. He is a responsible team player with a huge curiosity for Blockchain systems.

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  • emir_guvenni
    Emir Guvenni
    Backend Developer

    Emir started his career with coding bots and websites. He is mostly into Laravel and Node.js and improving himself every day.

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  • emre_tepe
    Emre Tepe
    Blockchain Developer

    Emre is a young, ambitious and open-minded web developer who seriously cares about discipline. He likes following the pace of new technology and software while giving importance to respect.

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  • faruk_arigun
    Faruk Arigun
    Frontend Developer

    Faruk’s passion for science and technology led his career. He is an experienced developer, also interested in social problems and arts&culture.

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  • gizem_ceylan
    Gizem CEYLAN
    Finance Officer

    Gizem is an experienced finance officer while being patient, solution oriented and many-minded.

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  • handan_yolak
    Handan YOLAK
    Frontend Developer

    Bixos was Handan’s second internship after her graduation from Mathematics & Computer Science. Currently she works on her projects in her new position unbendingly.

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  • rana_arslanturk_yildirim
    Rana Arslanturk YILDIRIM

    Rana is a talented editor, capable of 3 languages. She is helping the team to create and edit necessary content.

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  • soner_yildirim
    Soner YILDIRIM
    Digital Marketing Specialist

    After gaining experience in different areas of IT, Soner has stopped his journey when he realized digital marketing suits him the most. He is a digital marketing expert of 4 years with passion for his line of business.

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  • yusufcan_yilmaz
    Yusufcan YILMAZ
    Frontend Developer

    Bixos is where everything started for Yusufcan. After his internship in Bixos, he continues to contribute with his problem solving abilities and friendly face.

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