Bixos was established in the USA in January 2021.

Our team consists of investors, smart contract analysts, blockchain and crypto market financial experts, and software engineers. We help investors make high profits by using our technologies and expertise in the crypto industry. Those who invest with us will reap the benefits of Staking, DeFi, DEX, and DeFi Farming.

With over eight years of expertise in blockchain, research, data, and technology, we power better investment decisions by enabling clients to invest safely in the latest crypto trends. Investors can do this by using one platform and confidently build more effective portfolios for stable profits.

Bixos Inc. is a leading provider of critical decision support and investment services for the global crypto investment community.

Our Solutions to Your Problems

We recognize that the new crypto trends are becoming confusing and hard to understand for most people. Some miss the opportunity because they simply hear about it too late, and those who do ride the wave do it when the trend is already saturated. Moreover, over time, investing in these trends without the full knowledge and expertise is becoming riskier, and the generated profits of these individual investors are gradually shrinking.

Bixos is the solution. As mentioned above, we invest very large amounts in staking, yield farming, and DeFi liquidations, and the decisions are made by our team of experts who manage large portfolios and have a proven track record.

What’s in It For You

We put our technologies to work every day to find the best investment opportunities, and our experts work hard to catch the most profitable trends as early on as possible.

Those who invest with us are offered various contracts to choose from. Usually, the longer the period of the contract is, the higher the profits are.

Investors can withdraw their profits whenever they like. They can also choose to open additional contracts with them to make more profits.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Continuous learning is a must especially in the crypto investment industry. It is a fast-paced ecosystem that demands attention. We keep up with the latest trends, investment tactics and technologies. Innovation in investment strategies is the core of our business. We constantly strive to find new investment strategies, methods, and technologies. Our company is state-of-the-art. And that is how we can promise and deliver the best results.

Our mission is to keep finding new, profitable trends in the crypto investment industry and give access to investors to invest safely and maximize profits.

Others Do What We Do

There are individuals out there who claim that they do what we do. That is very possible; however, individuals must be ready to dedicate hours and hours of work and analysis daily to get the results we get with our technologies and experts. With this, we also assume that the individual investor knows how to read trends and analyze data correctly. Without being able to do so may result in huge losses. Some people are willing to take the risk of doing it themselves; others are not.

The Pros of Working with Us

There are many reasons to invest with us. We will list a few here, and then you decide…


We have created a user-friendly platform. Anyone can use it!


We offer short-term and long-term contracts. You can choose the one that is suitable for you.


We have the best technology and experts who ensure profits on investment. We also constantly enhance them to remain on top.


You can withdraw profits any time you like.


You can cancel your contract any time, though there will be a penalty fee.

Investing in cryptocurrency has been simplified to be accessible to everyone.

Make safe investments and reap guaranteed rewards today.